Social Responsibility

Linking-Jobs is focused to help disadvantaged cluster of people equipped them to achieve economic undependability by empowering integrated support system that provides skill & need base traning, individual & enterprenure mentoring by partnering with community based organizations and corporate houses.
Together we can make the difference.
We belive that money support alone will not help to uplift the society, hence we and our team are encouraged to create a difference in their own way, by devoting their time, skills and hard work to bring out incredible changes, members at Linking-Jobs do not see CSR as a community responsibility but an individual responsibility,this attitude ensure high commitment ,involvement and a greater degree of accountability. Linking-Jobs members offer career guidence, coaching, mentoring and connecting the youth with employability opportunities available in the market.
3139 Brownton Road
Long Community, MS 38915

+7 495 287-42-34
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